The Village Pottery
Easton in Gordano

Jen studied Ceramics at Cardiff before moving to Bristol and setting up The Village Pottery (formerly in Clifton Village, now based at Easton in Gordano).

Jen teaches from the studio, as well as displaying her work in galleries and exhibitions across the UK.


Since studying at Cardiff, Jen has nurtured her love for hand-crafted objects and believes that the story of the maker is in each piece created, giving it a soul and the ability to bring joy in their everyday use.

Developing over the years, Jen has grown The Village Pottery into an established business that now offers lessons, wedding lists, baby feet imprints, personalised commissions and designing bespoke tableware for Michelin star restaurants.

However, her love for sharing this process and the joy it brings to those who use her pottery still remains the focal point of what makes The Village Pottery.

Village Pottery
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Potters   9 Perry Road   Bristol   BS1 5BQ   tel: 0117 3308445

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