House number plaques hand made in frost resistant stoneware clay: glazed black numbers on a buff background surrounded by a black frame using a matt slate black glaze with the background provided by the natural colour of the clay. Distinctive and clearly visible from a distance. Made with countersunk screw holes. 

Katie Murton House Signs 11 - 20


Plaques supplied with a pack of screws and rawl plugs with a reminder: PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN SCREWS! and a suggestion that you might like to use rubber washers behind the screw holes.


single digits (& teens & 21 31 41 etc) 17x17cms approx,  6mm thick, (8mm at thickest point) / unpacked weight 460g / packed weight 700g approx.


double digits 19x19cms approx,  6mm thick, (8mm at thickest point) /unpacked weight 560g  / packed weight 900g approx.