Decorative Bottle by Avril Farley in her exquisate crystalline glaze, perfect for one stem of fresh/dried flowers, or just as it is.


Avril Farley’s work is thrown and turned in porcelain and stoneware and enhanced by her crystalline glazes that combine precise technical control with serendipity. 


It is the controlled cycle of first taking the ware to the temperature of 1270'C followed by rapid and then gradual cooling that the crystals are formed.


The thick glaze flows when molten, so the fired pots must be cut from their specially constructed glaze-catching saucers and angle-ground cleanly. 


Although the rate of loss in this process is high, the beauty and individuality of the surviving work repays the effort.


Size: 9.5cm  x 6cm x 6cm

Crystalline Glaze Turquoise Bottle


Decorative piece therefore, not suitable for the Dishwasher.