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Margaret Crump

Margaret combines teaching and making handbuilt decorative stoneware.


Each piece is unique, modelled, textured and stained with oxide washes and accentuated with underglazes and glazes.


There is a sense of fun in her little sculptures of birds, rabbits and other small creatures, and this same enjoyment in the making process is apparent in her larger, coiled pottery and sculpture.


Her work is fired to 1280 degC in an oxidising atmosphere, rendering it suitable for outdoor use. Margaret is able to undertake work on commission.

We're always amazed by the variety of work that our members produce! Here some new sculptural work b
Margaret Crump has created some really lovely Robins. Red breasted with an oxidise wash detail._Perf
Margaret Crump Stonepots and stonedishs. Delicious pieces with oxidised glaze and blue, green or whi
Margaret Crump's sculptural figures are a delight.jpghey may be small in stature, but they have char
Lovely oxidised pinch pots by Margaret Crump Ceramics. Available in various sizes with blue or green
One of #MargaretCrumpCeramics large vessels have gone to their forever home after putting it in the
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