Linda Brogan

Linda Brogan has a background in fine art and now focuses on hand built ceramics. Her interest in African art and tribal masks influence her work.


Each piece is unique and has its own particular character.  Linda hand builds vessels and sculptures from her perennially popular yoga cats, combining two of her interests, to her totemic head sculptures and her humorous face pots.


The quality of the clay is important to Linda. She uses crank stoneware clay with textures enhanced by touches of oxides and glaze.

Linda Brogan dropped in some more Cat an
Cat God and Goddess by Linda Brogan, Bristol based ceramicist.jpg_Egyptian style, sculptures worship
Have you done your morning stretches_ #LindaBroganCeramics' Yoga Cats have...that face is puurrr Om
A customer bought one of Linda Brogan's head pots and then popped down to neighbouring florist _lesf
Linda Brogan Ceramics has delivered some new work this week. Absolutely stunning goddess heads,  eac
What do you call a herd of cats_ Fresh from a busy BS9 Arts Trail Linda Brogan has brought in a batc
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LB 06
Linda Brogan Ceramics has delivered more Yoga Cats today! Excellent to have a full display back. Hah
LB 02
LB 01
LB 04