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Katie Murton

Katie Murton BA Hons. has been running her own small business making ceramics since 1993.


Hand-building with slabs of stoneware clay, Katie makes a range of decorative mirrors with ceramic frames as well as candle lanterns and house number and name plaques to order. Her designs are inspired by architectural ornament and mosaics.

Katie attended a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Kingston Polytechnic followed by a Degree Course in Ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic 1989-1992. Katie sells her work through galleries and exhibitions throughout the UK.

Katie Murton
Some beautiful birds by Katie Murton, recently arrived & new work for Katie, inspired by mid Century
House numbers.... Potters is the _prime_ place to get these ones by Katie Murton Ceramics.__Do you s
KM 01
KM 05
KM 04
Katie Murton's candle lantern is gorgeous! A tower of ceramic houses emitting an inviting glow with
KM 03
KM 06
Katie Murton Ceramics makes beautiful brooches, sculptures, mirrors and house plaques._Her work is c

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