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Kath Cooper
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Kath Cooper is a ceramic artist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, who has been working with clay for almost 30 years.

She graduated from Cardiff Art School in 1990, where she specialised in ceramics.

Her many years of experience have lead her to teach in various institutions, while stocking galleries and shops from her home studio. She currently works with Headway, a brain injury institution in Gloucester, who teaches ceramic classes to individuals with head injuries.

Kath has always been interested in pattern and colour, and is inspired by primitive ceramics, textiles and decorative folk art. Her newest work is exploring the interplay between the interior and exterior of larger hand-built vessels. The exterior is decorated with organic textures representing nature and the outside physical world, while the interior is painted with patterns, colour and hand-drawn representations of the spiritual world.

Ceramic brooches by Guest Potter _kathcooperceramics we have four designs to choose from. Here are t
Beautiful green gourds by _kathcooperceramics. High gloss glaze and sgafitto design._._._
Guest Potter _kathcooperceramics has given us a lovely new selection of medium and large coil pots
Two _kathcooperceramics little bowls, and a plate, decorated with a beautiful tree design. All in he
A birds eye view of some _kathcooperceramics small and large birds. Just to show you the colours ava
_kathcooperceramics stud earrings with cow parsley detail. Loving these so much at Potters 😍_._._
Beautiful small and large birds by Guest Potter _kathcooperceramics. Decorated with sgafitto and a h
Majestic tree plate by _kathcooperceramics. Too pretty to eat apple pie off_! 😍😍 🌳🌲_._._
Pretty _kathcooperceramics birdhouses all in a row._We just love Kath's colours here at Potters. So
Glorious coil pots from new Guest Potter _kathcooperceramics
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So great to have _kathcooperceramics her
Regrann from _kathcooperceramics -  Work
Reposted from _kathcooperceramics -  Lov
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