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Guest Potters

Throughout the year we invite or select guest ceramic artists to exhibit their work at our shop for a limited period of 1-2 months.

If you would like to be considered as a guest artist please contact our Manager, Katie, at with your artist statement and a selection of images or fill out this online form...

Katherine Kingdon - March and April 2023

At Potters, we are delighted to be featuring the work of Katherine Kingdon as our Guest Potter for March and April 2023. 

Katherine works out of a shed in Newbury and describes her making process to begin with a firm grounding in “ceramics and teaching, making and mending, poking about in museums, mothering and general pottering.” She keeps a lively sketchbook that feeds into her 3D work.


Katherine studied for a degree in Ceramics at Leicester Polytechnic before her masters in Applied Art and Visual Culture from London Guildhall University, she later studied for a PGCE at Westminster college, Oxford. 

Her work is rooted in characters and storytelling, Katherine’s vessels and figures draw the viewer in and hold beautiful illustrative detail. Each piece wanders through a narrative, compellingly describing scenes with a backdrop of music and humorous drama. With each viewing, the work grows and new details jump forward, the figures are alive and expressive, while also delicate and sensitive. 


 ‘I enjoy the ‘in the moment’ creative decisions that have to be made when working in this way. It’s what makes each piece unique. I also aim for an element of ambiguity in the subject matter, suggesting a narrative, but allowing the viewer enough space to question, interpret and begin to create their own.’


Katherine’s work will be here to enjoy and purchase until the end of April, don’t miss a chance to visit Potters and take the work in.

Previous Guest Potters


Marina Bauguil was raised in France, Africa and England, and she now resides in Manchester.

Her passion for clay started at Falmouth School of Art and Design where she completed a Fine Art degree, majoring in Sculpture before studying Ceramics for two years, graduating in 1992.

Inspired by a range of cultural sources, her work explores her relationship with and reverence for the world of nature. She believes that human beings need a strong relationship with the natural world in order to live a balanced life. We were once deeply connected – through our hearts – to forests, rivers, mountains, plants and animals, and our modern way of life is eroding this connection.

As in animism (the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls), She aims to create pieces filled with breath, spirit and life. Hence, she uses the Japanese word kami (a divine being or spirit in Shinto religion) to describe her work. It is her hope is that her pieces will inspire the viewer to rekindle the relationship between their own inner nature and the natural world.

Marina's work is mostly figurative. She often begins with a meditative approach when starting a piece, working intuitively as she goes. Paper porcelain is her preferred medium, but she also uses other clay bodies. Each piece is fired multiple times and finished with fine touches and gold lustre.