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Elisabetta Solari

Ceramic Restorer Elisabetta Solari is based in Bristol after working for many years in Italy.

She is highly skilled in restoring porcelain, stoneware, or any kind of recovery or conservation of ceramic ware. 

She has worked on historic pieces, antique dealers and museums as well as private collectors and commissioned repairs.

Elisabetta also has experience in glass repairs, jade, coral, and enamel from different time periods and origin.

Becoming a member of Potters means that Elisabetta is here to give you advice and offer her services as a ceramic restorer. Please do ask at the counter if you have a piece that you would like to be considered for repair. You can fill in the online Consultation Form below to arrange an appointment with Elisabetta at Potters. A non-refundable £10 charge is taken for this consultation, with visitations to your property also possible for large pieces, at no extra cost.

ES 01_cavallo
ES_ 000027 Porcelain de Paris vase fragments.
ES_ 000028 Porcelain de Paris vase, early XIX century


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