Many of our members will make their ceramics to order. Please feel free to ask us about any of the makers we have within the shop.


Some members will also undertake individual commissions and make work for special occasions/ architectural and community projects. From house plaques and wedding plates to sculptural relief panels for commercial sites and community projects, just let us know what you have in mind. Most projects take around four weeks to six weeks to complete.  

You can email us, telephone or visit the shop.

Sean and Vici Casserley

Sean and Vici make house plaques, Mr and Mrs mugs for weddings, engraved fruit bowls or any other of their standard ware with inscriptions for any occasion.  They have made replica wall sconces for a Tudor home, a Christening jug and many house plaques.  

Katie Murton

Katie's house plaques and signs are made by stamping into the soft clay, giving a low relief surface which she glazes in matt black in contrast to the natural buff colour of the clay.  The bold plaques show up well at a distance and are entirely frostproof and weather resistant.

Ned Heywood

Ned is just the person to design, make and install any wall plaques, paving slabs or free-standing commemorative markers.  He has a long track record working with local governments and private companies and is currently supplying the City of London with commemorative plaques.  Using computer-aided design, Ned can achieve a high level of accuracy in his coloured, glazed, low-relief panels.

Sean & Vici Casserley
Katie Murton
Ned Heywood


Potters   9 Perry Road   Bristol   BS1 5BQ   tel: 0117 3308445

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