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Catriona MacKenzie

Potters Manager:

Cat learnt ceramics in school and art school, but glass and jewellery became her main focus.

Her passion for glass, came while studying for her Design and Applied Arts Degree at Edinburgh College of Art.  She really enjoys the layering qualities that glassblowing encourages and uses colour techniques and glass carving to create three-dimensional worlds within each form. Her art glass pieces are under her name of Catriona R MacKenzie Glass.

Catriona rebranded part of her business at the end of 2019/ start of 2020, as she wanted to concentrate on the ongoing theme of sanctuary in her work. It seems to have been serendipitous to have made this highlight in her work, when we needed comfort the most during a pandemic.

Catriona uses colour and texture to give comfort through touch within her FRITH Glassware, drawing inspiration from woodlands and mycology, which in turn have provided Catriona with their own sanctuary to her.

Catriona has been working with glass for 20 years, with 23 years retail experience. Her studio is in Centrespace Studios off Corn Street, where she teaches beginners beadmaking lessons.

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